New South Wales
Ash Passive Fire Solutions offer a complete suite of comprehensive and cost-effective passive fire protection services. Ash Passive has a strong commitment to compliance with the requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC) and relevant Australian Standards, as well as a firm commitment to maintaining high quality workmanship.
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New South Wales

Who is Ash Passive?

Ash Passive Fire Solutions NSW Pty Ltd is a privately owned New South Wales company with over 50 years combined experience in Passive Fire Protection.


Ash Passive Fire Solutions NSW is a sustainable business partner with significant resources including certifiers, project managers, licensed employees (including contractor, carpentry and passive fire protection), project management and administrative support. Ash Passive has a strong commitment to compliance with the requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC) and relevant Australian Standards, as well as a firm commitment to maintaining high quality workmanship.


Our thorough technical understanding of industry requirements and regulations enables us to deliver superior quality work that ensures compliance first time. We have extensive experience across a range of industry sectors including commercial, residential, medical, industrial and retail.


We possess the skills and knowledge to achieve the required Fire Resistant Levels (FRL) regardless of size or complexity.

Our Services

Inspection & Certification
Creation of Baseline Data
Audits & Report Compilation
- including creation of Ash Maintenance Program to comply with current legislation
Technical, Legislative & Quality Assurance (QA) Consultation
We offer a complete suite of passive fire protection services.


All products and materials that we endorse, specify or use are tested and approved in accordance with relevant Australian Standards.


We can help specify the right passive fire protection system using products from leading manufacturers and have the required industry experience and expertise to address all levels of passive fire protection.


Ash Passive Fire Solutions installs passive fire equipment in any new or existing building.

  • Installation and certification of fire and smoke elements – vertical and horizontal including walls, floors, ceilings, access panels and hatches.
  • Protection of beams, columns, girders, trusses and more.
  • Installation and certification of fire resistant doorsets; hinged and pivoted and horizontal sliding doors, including smoke doors. We also supply and install fire shutters, duct protection and fire dampers.

Inspection & Certification

We perform QA, audit inspection and certification of new and existing buildings.

  • Fire rating inspections and certifications to ensure all passive fire aspects of the building are compliant with the relevant Australian Standards.
  • Our passive fire inspection report outlines critical and non-critical defects and records all assets relevant to the passive fire protection log.

Rectification & Maintenance

Our commitment is to provide a quality service that meets client expectations regarding building compliance and occupant safety.

Services include:

  • Fire resisted doors, windows, shutters and access panels.
  • Fire and smoke barriers such as fire rated walls, block work walls, fire rated ceilings, cavity fire barriers and fire dampers.
  • Fire stopping elements such as fire rated board encasements, fire collars, construction joint seals and switch box penetration seals.

Audits & Report Compilation

During our compliance/essential services inspection, we are able to determine the compliant and non-compliant works. We also provide a comprehensive report  outlining the critical and non-critical defects, together with the rectification works required to bring everything up to code and the total cost to complete these works.


This full itemised audit report is complete with cost analysis and photographic evidence.

Our Philosophy

Honesty. Reliability. Flexibility.

At the core of our company are the values of honesty, reliability and flexibility where we strive to achieve an exceptional level of customer service with a down to earth, common sense approach. This ensures we can meet the requirements of clients as well as achieving the performance requirements set out in the NCC.

Above all we offer the security of knowing that our compliance works will provide you with an un-paralleled level of life safety.


We are currently working on our Project Blog to keep you updated in all things passive fire protection. In the mean time, check out our Instagram feed.